Welcome to the Campaign for Danyahel (Danny) Norris!!!

Danyahel (Danny) Norris for HCDE Trustee, Pos. 6, PCt. 1

This is the campaign page for Danyahel (Danny) Norris, as a candidate of the Democratic Party for the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) Position 6, Precinct 1. Danny is an educator, with the training of a lawyer, an engineer, and a librarian.

The Campaign Pillars

Ensuring Opportunity For All

This campaign believes that everyone has a right to learn, regardless of background or circumstance.

Serving/Engaging The Community

This campaign believes that it is up to each of us to serve our communities, especially those of us who seek to hold public office. This campaign also believes that government is best served when the constituents are actively involved and engaged.

Providing a Brighter Future for Harris County

This campaign believes that proper education of Harris County citizens provides a brighter future for the county, and as a result, the rest of the state and country.