Alternative Facts About Danny Norris

About These "Facts"

Similar to another famous person with the last name Norris, there have been tall tales surrounding Danny Norris. He thought it was best to clarify here that while the claims below are entertaining, they are NOT true. Here are some of the ones that we've heard so far.

Some of the "Facts" That We've Heard Thus Far

At Danny Norris' birth, he had the doctor step aside, so he could deliver himself.

When Danny Norris gets bored, he counts backwards from infinity.

Danny Norris' calendar skips April 1st, because no one has ever fooled him.

Danny Norris had his backspace button removed, because he makes no mistakes.

There are 6909 languages in the world, but Danny Norris is fluent in more than 10,000.

Danny Norris once figured out the meaning of life and Victoria's Secret on the same day.